AWS Lambda function and insufficient boto3 environment

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Tonight I was working on a side project and ran into an issue I had not run into previously. The boto3 library used by the AWS Lambda python runtime was out of date compared to my own local environment. This issue was raised over at the boto3 github site. Turns out I ran into the….

Using HAProxy as a front-end SSL terminator for Sonar Qube

Short sweet and to the point. We are beginning to demo the Community Edition of Sonar Qube’s code analysis tool. And while I’m certain others have written extensively on the merits of Sonar Qube itself, today I’m going to share a very simple method to front-end the Sonar Qube installation with HAProxy and provide a….

Windows 10 with Intel NIC VLAN & Teaming support broken post update

We encountered a rather annoying bug recently with Windows 10 updates and workstations with Intel I series NICs, so far it’s affected the I210 and I219 NICs, though other card makes and models may be affected. Intel has acknowledged the Advanced Network Service extension is broken with the current release and has advised a fix….

SFTP User Lock Down in AWS Transfer Service

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First things first.  I know SFTP topics aren’t sexy.  I can hear you right now, SFTP is an archaic protocol only used by people with archaic systems.  And generally speaking, you’re probably not wrong.  However, many of us still work in those environments and are making progress towards cloud services one piece at a time…..